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  • Brianna Martin

My new freckles are so cute! Lets keep them that way

Freckles, what a fun decision! Here are a few tips for keeping your new semi-permanent freckles looking amazing:

- Always keep your semi-permanent freckles clean--take care not to scrub or rub around the area, as the gentle design was meant to stay intact! Use your Omen + Onyx Cleanser twice a day and pat dry for the first 72 Hours.

- Avoid sun exposure for at least a week after the procedure--if you can't avoid it, wear a hat and sunscreen to keep these freckles from fading too quickly.

- To keep your freckles looking great, make sure to keep the skin around them well moisturized. Only use a gentle Cleanser and Moisturizer as your skincare for the first 4 weeks.

- No Makeup for 3-5 days after your appointment. After 3-5 days only apply with clean sponges, brushes, etc.

- Make sure to keep your 6-8 week follow up appointment, as some pigment loss is to be expected.

- Once they're fully healed, make sure to apply SPF to protect them (and you!) from sun exposure.

Happy freckles good lookin'!

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