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  • Brianna Martin

I LOVE my new tattoo! How can I keep it looking its best?

Aftercare Instructions for Your New Tattoo

Alright! You’ve just gotten a fabulous new tattoo, and now it’s time to take care of it properly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your post-ink experience:

1. Peel carefully: Too much force and too quickly can cause be painful and cause your fresh ink some irritation, so please be patient and gentle when peeling off the Saniderm bandage.

2. Let it breathe: After you remove the bandage, take a break - give your ink some fresh air and let it chill out a little bit (for a maximum of 30 minutes).

3. Keep it clean: before you cover your tattoo again, wash with an antibacterial soap and pat dry. We don’t want any germs getting caught under the bandage! You can wear this saniderm for up to 7 days without changing it (as long as there is no irritation). If it comes off before then, no biggie! just wash twice a day and moisturize with a unscented lotion.

4. Don’t be a hero: For the next 24 hours after the Saunders change, avoid contact sports and other activities that might increase the chance of irritation.

5. Moisturize often: To keep your tattoo hydrated and in its best condition, make sure to apply lotion several times a day, even after the Saniderm comes off.

6. Schedule and keep your 6-8 week touch up appointment to assure absolute perfection!

It’s show-off time! Take care of that beautiful new addition to your body and you’ll have plenty of time to turn heads with your new ink.

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